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Students Experience with Education loans
Do you want an education loan but are procrastinating because you don’t know where to start and how difficult it is to get the loan? Here are the loan parameters and experiences of students who have taken an education loan...

A number of students who have availed of education loans were interviewed to air their experiences of obtaining the loan. Most of them have one common grievance - very steep interest rates. They earnestly request banks to reduce rates and make education loans more affordable to the masses.

A student who does not desire to be named is the perfect example of an education loan shaping the future of little girls. She was the daughter of the sweeper of the bank and hence could secure a loan for further studies in the field of Chartered Accountancy and today the bank employees proudly disclose that she has repaid her entire loan. Higher education now enables her to economically improve her situation.

According to a student who had education loans, “ An education loan has been a boon to my desire to become an engineer. Due to lack of money, my future would have been ruined had it not been for the education loan. This was one self-respecting way by which I could borrow money to continue my studies as well as it also saved my parents from the wrath of having to beg for help from relatives. It is all due to my sister’s initiative to make enquiries about education loans and the bank that sanctioned the loan that today I have realized my dreams of becoming an engineer.

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